Door 3

In the third door hides today a drink that you can enjoy hot and cold!

MaMaEva has managed to develop a super light and delicious fruit wine spray that is 100% natural and regional. The fruits are of the highest organic quality and give the MaMaEva the necessary flavors. This taste also meets fairness and responsibility! The startup not only completely avoids additives, but is also committed to various charitable organizations.

As already announced, the MaMaEva tastes not only cold in summer super delicious, but also warm in winter.
And so it goes:

  1. Warm MaMaEva
  2. A splash of fresh orange juice
  3. A pinch of cinnamon or gingerbread spice
  4. Optional: a piece of vanilla bean
  5. Garnish with milk foam - DONE

You now also want to make yourself a warm MaMaEva? Then you can now save big, because with the code: "Glüh-MaMa" there is 25% in the online store! Have fun ordering and enjoy!