Door 2

As promised, there is a new door every day! Also today we have a new startup with a great action for you!

Today we introduce you to the Frischemanufaktur! The product "Favorite water" is made from 100% natural ingredients and is completely without flavorings and additives. The water is full of fresh herbs, fresh fruits and vitamin C. Hard to believe, but through a certain process, the Frischemanufaktur creates a shelf life of 12 weeks!

Your favorite water comes in the following varieties:

  1. Blackberry lemongrass
  2. Pineapple Sage
  3. Thyme lemon
  4. Cranberry Rosemary
  5. Turmeric Cardamom Orange

You are now curious and would like to test the product? Then get 15% off your entire purchase now with the code "Website15"! Have fun trying!