Der FSIWS unterstützt Euch mit kostengünstigem Zugang zu Produktions- und Lagermöglichkeiten, Netzwerk und Wissen. Darüber hinaus fallen während einer Unternehmensgründung verschiedenste weitere Kosten an, sei es für die Produktionsmittel, Personal, Beratung, Technik oder Räumlichkeiten. Glücklicherweise gibt es eine große Vielzahl an Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten für Gründer:innen.

EXIST start-up grant

Wir haben Euch hier Informationen zu verschiedenen Möglichkeiten der Finanzierung zusammengestellt, damit Ihr diejenige findet, welche am besten zu Euch passt, beginnend bei staatlichen Förderprogrammen wie EXIST und FLÜGGE, über Möglichkeiten für günstige Kredite und Infos zu potenziellen Kapitalgebern.

INFO on FSIWS' own offering, the Innovations Campus Food accelerator program can be found HERE! or on our own ICA Food website HERE

EXIST start-up grant

Key data

For WHOM?      For students, graduates and scientists interested in founding a company
WHAT is supported?
  • Innovative technology-oriented start-up projects.
  • Innovative knowledge-based services that are based on scientific findings
HOW is funding provided?
  • Securing personal living expenses via a scholarship:
    • Promovierte Gründer:innen 3.000 Euro/Monat
    • Graduates with university degree 2,500 euros/month
    • Technische:r Mitarbeiter:in 2.000 Euro/Monat
    • Students 1.000 Euro/month
    • Child supplement: 150 euros/month per child
  • Material expenses: up to 10,000 euros for individual start-ups (max. 30,000 euros for teams)
  • Coaching: 5.000 Euro
  • Die maximale Förderdauer beträgt ein Jahr


EXIST-funded start-up teams receive a start-up grant for 12 months. The aim is to develop a business plan and to prepare for their start-up with the support of their university or research institution.

The most important prerequisite is that the planned business idea must be an innovative technology-oriented or knowledge-based product with significant unique selling points and good prospects of economic success.

You can find comprehensive information about the EXIST-Gründerstipendium HERE!

Here you can directly view the guidelines for awarding scholarships.
We will be happy to advise you on a planned application and support you in the process.

Just send an email to


Key data

WHO can apply for the grant?
Submission is possible via the technology transfer offices or technology transfer officers of any state university in Bavaria.

The Bavarian University:

  • Must be integrated into a start-up support network
  • Appoints a person for the mentoring
  • Provides the necessary resources (laboratories, workshops, rooms, computer centers and other infrastructures) free of charge to those wishing to set up their own business.
  • manages the grants

Startup Prospects:

  • Must be a member of the applicant university
  • if they are employed by the university, this employment may not exceed 50 percent of their time
  • if they still belong to the group of students and do not yet have a bachelor's degree, at least half of the standard period of study and, if applicable, the obligatory practical/abroad semester must have been completed
  • Teams composed of a majority of students without a bachelor's degree can only be supported in exceptional cases
  • at least one person willing to establish the company must be one of the holders or co-holders of the rights of use/protection
  • are responsible for their own social security and other charges
WHAT can be promoted? The phase before and at the beginning of an innovative start-up, in particular the development of marketable innovative products and business models as well as the start-up readiness.

Specifically, this includes supporting those who want to start a business,

  • in securing their innovative, also digital business model, which could lead to a sustainable business start-up
  • who have not been able to complete their start-up project within the framework of Exist funding due to special technological challenges and have not yet been able to establish a company
  • whose technologically innovative, demanding and high-risk project was denied funding in the "Exist-Gründerstipendium" program
HOW is funding provided?
  • Scholarship for start-ups: €2,500 per month plus €150 per dependent child
  • Assumption of material expenses for the project in the amount of up to 50% of the awarded grants
HOW to apply? Participation in the competition procedure


With the FLÜGGE program, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts supports graduates and university employees with innovative start-up ideas for a maximum of 12 months. The funding includes a stipend as well as the shared use of university resources (e.g. offices, laboratories) and material resources. A call for proposals is issued once or twice a year via a competitive procedure, in which thematic priorities are set if necessary. Within the respective funding calls, it is possible to submit project proposals by the stated deadlines.

Bitte informiert Euch selbst über die aktuellen Ausschreibungen und Fristen. Wir stellen gerne den Kontakt zu  Technologietransferstellen oder -beauftragten der HSWT für die gemeinsame Antragstellung her.

The next funding call is expected to be open from 30/03/2023.

HERE you can find further information from the Bavarian State Ministry about the FLÜGGE program.



Für jedes Startup ist eine individuelle Finanzierung nötig. Es kann nötig sein eigene Produktionen aufzubauen, dann wird viel Kapital benötigt oder es wird der Weg über den geeigneten Partner zum richtigen Zeitpunkt eingeschlagen. Wir unterstützen Euch dabei in allen Phasen!

The table below gives you an overview of possible funding or credit programs and provides further links.

LfA Development Bank Bavaria The LfA promotes the establishment of commercial and freelance businesses, including business takeovers and active participations.

You can find more information HERE!

KfW Bank KfW supports companies that go one step further and make their own company fit for the future. Funding is provided for both innovative projects and the financing needs of innovative companies, such as with the ERP Start-up Loan.

You can find more information HERE!

BMWK Am 27. Juli 2022 hat das Bundeskabinett die erste umfassende Start-up-Strategy einer Bundesregierung beschlossen. Hier ist zu erwarten, dass es immer wieder weiterführende Programme und Förderungen gibt. Behaltet das im Auge!

You can find more information HERE!


INVEST - Grant for venture capital

INVEST brings together startups and private investors who believe in bold ideas. The support program mobilizes more private venture capital from business angels and thus helps startups find an investor more easily.

You can find more information HERE!

Funding database of the federal and state governments Die Förderdatenbank des Bundes gibt Euch einen Überblick über Förderprogramme des Bundes, der Länder und der Europäischen Union. Mit der Suchfunktion könnt Ihr das jeweils aktuelle Förderangebote durchforsten und das passgenaue für Euch finden.

You can find more information HERE!