Door 4

We continue with a startup that we have already introduced as part of our Food Startup Campus.

Organiclabs has managed to launch probably the freshest and most sustainable plant-based milk alternative in the world. With their super oats, you can make 4L of oat drink from one carton. Not only does this save you from lugging heavy milk cartons from the supermarket, but it also does something good for the environment. In addition, the packaging of the super oats is 100% recyclable!

You are curious and want to try this plant-based milk alternative, or give it to your loved ones for Christmas? Then there is a great competition at! Be sure to check it out, because you can win a great Intro Set! With this Intro Set you can make 12 liters of fresh oat drink in no time and a handy preparation jar is also included!

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Follow and @fsiws
  2. Comment on the post of with whom you would like to try the super oats
  3. Share's post in your story and link

You can find the detailed conditions of participation here.