Door 23

Today our last regular door opens for you. 🎄Tomorrow something very special is waiting for you, so be excited! 🤩😱 But today there is another great action for you.💯

Hi, we are Lisa, Sandra and Pascal - Three food technologists who founded @zerobullshitcompany. Our mission is: Food waste nowhere. Good food everywhere. 💪🏼 How we go about it? We provide food that is Good for You and Good for the Environment. That's why our Better Cracker is made from 30% upcycled organic raw materials like sunflower protein and apple fiber and delivers the full punch of valuable protein and fiber. Ergo: Sustainability and healthy eating are not mutually exclusive, but can positively fuel each other.🔥

But that's not all! ❗️Food companies❗️ watch out: From the idea to the customer, when it comes to food, we know it all - ZBS Food Tech Consulting is our full-service agency for product development, technology, sustainability & Co!💯

You want to try the products of @zerobullshitcompany and also save 15%?🤔
With the code "FSIWS15" you can redeem the discount from a value of goods of 15€. Enjoy your order!🤩