Door 20

In today's door is a startup that has intensively studied bread baking and started a bread revolution. 🥖🤩

The breads from are true nutritional champions! 💪🏼 The basis of the breads is chestnut flour. This gives the bread the dark color and juiciness. 🤤In addition, all ingredients are naturally gluten-free! 🤩💯 The high-quality products from mymakery are produced sustainably and honestly. The natural ingredients also contain no hidden additives or added sugar! 🚫 Who attaches great importance to a natural, wholesome and nutritious diet is exactly right here. The breads are prepared super fast, have an optimal nutrient composition and are full of fiber. If you want to try such an innovative and delicious product, you now have the chance to save money. has come up with a discount code as a promotion for you, with which you can save 20%. 🎉 With the keyword "maroni20" you can save in the online store and soon bake your own chestnut bread easily at home. 🥖🤤💯
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