Door 17

Today is already the 17th of December and again a door opens for you. 🎄🎅🏼This time we present a startup from Berlin! 🤩

The startup @easycookasia_dem wants tobring Asian cuisine to your home with their company and on top of that bring you closer to the culture. 🍜🍛You wonder how that works? 🤔Quite simple.🤗
Easycookasia makes authentic Asian cooking boxes with different themes and stories. 📦 So you can not only prepare the dishes super easy with the right ingredients at home, but also get to know the background and food culture behind it. The team is firmly convinced that food is not just food. We think so, too!🤩

You love Asian cuisine and want to learn more about the culture? 🤔And that easily at home?🤔 Then you can save super with the following code: "Christmas Raffle20". With the discount you get 20%, so what are you waiting for? 🥳