Maria from ediriam GmbH tells us about your idea.

What is your idea?

"Our cake-like cookies are pared down to the essential 100 percent natural ingredients to deliver long-lasting energy. At the same time, they are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and free of preservatives, flavors and added sugar. Despite the tasty and sweet flavor, our products have a low glycemic index, which is good for blood sugar levels. Due to the balanced taste our so-called biscuits are not only suitable for people with special dietary needs, but attractive to all who want to eat healthy. Because when it comes to food, everyone wants the same thing: for it to taste delicious. In addition, the small packaging is optimal for any pocket. So taking something healthy to snack on in between meals won't be a problem."

What is the current state of work?

"So far, we have developed a handful of flavors and are looking to expand to other varieties with the equipment and facilities available at FSIWS. Our challenge is to maintain a cake-like consistency with a low free water content so that plastic vacuum packaging is not necessary. We also want to benefit from the experience at FSIWS for marketing our products."

What is your focus?

"The focus is to produce tasty products with few natural ingredients (clean label) that have a low glycemic index and therefore have no negative impact on our blood sugar levels."

Why are you at FSIWS and what do you like about it?

"We made a conscious decision to move to FSIWS in order to benefit from the professionalism as well as the concentrated expertise that this environment has to offer for start-ups. In addition, we have the chance here to further develop our products thanks to the optimal equipment and the possibility to experiment freely. At FSIWS, you feel protected and challenged at the same time."

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