The Food Startup Incubator Weihenstephan (FSIWS) of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT), together with the International University (IU) and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE ), offers the free online short program "How to become a female founder?" for women interested in starting a business. Every spring (approx. March to July), experts provide valuable tips on start-up-related topics such as funding, negotiating, creating a business model and legal aspects in around fifteen live online events.

Zusätzlich stehen neun online Webinare zur Verfügung, um die wesentlichen Schritte der Gründung immer wieder nachzuholen.

Ladies! Take a look around under:

The program successfully contributes to raising the visibility of women with innovative business ideas and increasing the number of female founders. Did you know? Most company founders in Germany are still male. Although the proportion of female founders is increasing, it is currently only around 16 percent. A particular challenge for female founders is that they receive less capital for their ventures, as potential investors often rate women lower than men. In contrast, companies founded by female founders are usually more successful than companies founded exclusively by men.

Fragen zum Programm werden gerne unter beantwortet.

Here is the program from 2022 as an example

(You could apply again next winter!).


"Your Purpose" - with Hannah Jensen and Carla Schäfers, Women Entrepreneurs in Science at the Start-up Center of the University of Wuppertal


"No Limits" - with Hannah Jensen and Carla Schäfers, Women Entrepreneurs in Science at the Start-up Center of the University of Wuppertal


"Founding with impact - sustainability and impact measurement in start-ups" - with Juliane Boeselager, consultant for sustainability and impact management.

14.3.2022 "Sustainability and Law" - with Dr. Alexandra Wuttig, attorney, Prof. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chancellor of IU-International University.

"Financing options with the LfA" - with Christine Grass, Consultant, LfA Förderbank Bayern

30.3.2022 "Investing in sustainable start-ups - that's what matters" - with Viola Stadler, Project A Ventures.

"Q&A Session: Inside a founders mind: Do's and Don'ts" - with Ole Schaumberg, Co-Founder Foodist & Foodspring.

27.4.2022 "Q&A Session: Founding sustainably - what does it mean for my business?" - with Julia Zirpel, The wearness GmbH
4.5.2022 "Personal Branding" - with Christine Kainrath, The Media Agent
11.5.2022 "Social Media & Strategy" - René Skwara, Creative Consultant
25.5.2022 "How start-ups deal with the media" - with Christine Kainrath, Die Medienagentin
1.6.2022 "Recording and reporting sustainability potential in your own startup" - with Björn Kaminski, Project Manager Green Startups & Sustainability, German Startups Association.
22.6.2022 "SEO & Google" - with Silvia Ammerl, SEO & Online Marketing Consultant, Sustainable strategies for lasting rankings.
29.6.2022 "Behind the scenes - Insights from the CLOTHESfriends founders"- with Carmen Jenny, Sonja Wunderlich and Nicole Simone (BA)
Middle July Mentoring & Pitching Day