Particularly due to the Covid restrictions of recent years, the topic of nutrition and health has become even more important. The topic of mental health is also becoming increasingly important as a result.

For this reason, the AOK Bavaria (AOK) and the Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) decided a year ago to set up a Digital Lecture Lab and to launch a series of lectures to provide students and the general public with greater access to these topics through specialist lectures.

Within only 6 months, the HSWT was able to set up an innovative seminar area with the support of the AOK, which makes it possible to broadcast on-site lectures in parallel directly via live stream on the Internet. In addition, these live streams will subsequently be available online for interested parties.

With this cooperation, the AOK aims to provide all interested parties with continuous and sustainable information on health issues that are currently of increasing concern to us, and will continue to do so in the future. In addition to the classics of healthy nutrition and exercise/fitness, these include, above all, the topic of dealing with stress and psychological strain.

After the inauguration of the premises by Dr. Eric Veulliet, President of the HSWT, and by Director Heinrich Hecht of the AOK, the first lecture of the lecture series entitled "How nutrition can influence our health" already took place on Wednesday November 9 in the premises of the Digital Lecture Lab. The general public, as well as all students and employees at the Weihenstephan campus are cordially invited to attend the event. This is possible either on site - due to the limited number of seats, pre-registration is required - or via live stream over the internet. You will find more information here.

The Digital Lecture Lab, together with the additional coworking spaces available there, is part of the so-called Food Startup Incubator at Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences Triesdorf. Since 2019, this incubator has been supporting interested startups and food startups in the development and production of innovative sustainable food.