On Jan. 16, 2023, four participants of the class of 2022 were able to give the final presentation on their start-up idea, which they had been working on for the past 12 months.


Almost a year ago, the second year of the certificate course "Founding a Food Startup" started. Four participants successfully completed and passed the certificate course.

One graduate is Sonja. She comes from the Allgäu and works there in an organic cheese dairy, where she works as a food technologist in quality management. Nevertheless, she decided at the beginning of 2022 to apply to the FSIWS for the certificate course with the idea of regionally produced ice cream that is free of additives. She successfully brought this idea forward within one year, so that Sonja will start selling her regional ice cream this spring.


Individual coaching & input through workshops

During the certificate, participants received individual coaching every two weeks to discuss the status of the project and clarify any questions.

In addition, an extensive program of workshops is offered both online and live on site at FSIWS. Here, a wide variety of topics related to entrepreneurship and food production are covered, such as "Unique Value Proposition", "Sensor Technology" and "Product Development" or even "Financial Planning". The workshops were held by our partners StartinFood and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship of HM, among others.


Product development at the Institute of Food Technology at HSWT

The Institute for Food Technology (ILM) of the HSWT is also the headquarters of the FSIWS. The ILM offers the necessary infrastructure for initial product developments, analyses up to small batch productions. Therefore, at least eight times a year, product development sessions are held on site at the ILM as part of the certificate course. The infrastructure of the institute is always available to the participants free of charge for their prototype development.

The regular on-site appointments offer additional opportunities for exchange and networking. The joint lunch offers participants the opportunity to relax and exchange ideas.

On the day of the final presentation, a joint dinner was held to celebrate the successful completion of the certificate course and to review the past year.


Final presentations

Alessandra the founder of Heroines has developed a drink that supports women in their menstrual cycle and aims to de-taboo the period. She came to FSIWS through a good friend. Here she received support on issues including labeling, shelf life, and funding. Alessandra really enjoyed the presentation on sensory science and also appreciates the great network. She is currently working on her online store and would like to open it in the spring of 2023.

Both Alessandra von Heldinnen and Sonja are leaving us for the time being to further develop their projects.

We wish our graduates all the best and continued success!